Earn Money in Surface Pattern Design working online

Here I am giving some tips how to do it.

Passive income:

Print-on-Demand (POD) there are many sites as  listed below

(these are some of the big ones but there are many many more)




Merch By Amazon







Mainly you are licensing your designs meaning you hold the rights for your design meaning you can use this same design on various POD platforms.

But read carefully their terms of use or contract as there might be some variation. Example of this is that some pages are able to give the rights to use your design for third party and then when they sell they give you some royalty. Be careful as this royalty might not be the same as you get directly with the contract (lets say between you and society6).

Digital courses:

Digital courses are are HOT since few years. This is good opportunity to teach what you are doing while working, and the selling the outcome through your own website or a website like skillshare.


Look for customers and license your artwork across industries, licensed designers are paid something between 3% to 8%. Controlling the sales through licensing can be challenging, so it is better to look for companies you can trust regarding the sales volumes. Licensing is good to have as a one portion of the cake.

Own website:

This means you have to look for your own customers and this can be time consuming. The good thing with direct selling is you get all the profits, well there might be some credit card fees etc, but they are small compared to selling through an agent or a studio.

Pattern design studio:

You could look for a studio to work with, them selling your design directly to a client or through an agent, meaning the earning of the sales are not as much as you would get through a direct customer sale, but the volumes might be bigger.


Look for pattern design agent, who would make the sales for you and this way the amount you would make from a design could be a bit higher than through a  pattern design studio. Also you would have better rights for the designs as working with the studio as normally studio would hold the rights for the designs.


Here are the advises that comes to my mind at the moment, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.



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