On demand products

I have a career as a seamstress and pattern maker and also masters degree in Art and design. I have been working with every kinds on manual products since kid.
About ten years ago I was struggling producing some clothing line and hand painted tees etc.. in my home studio.  I sold some through internet but it was so difficult with all the shipping hassle as I had to go to the post office, be in the queue, wait about at least 30 min... So adding all this to the production the salary from one hour was under minimum. So there was no worth to continue.
I tried all other platforms a s Society6, Redbubble etc with no luck. I know the consistency and right products, which I did not have...
Well the market is changing and the new thing is on demand. I think it is the best invention since for the last ten years. This system is good designer, producer and for the customer, so it is benefiting all.
Good thing is also that the designer can have the control of their own brand. You are able to control the production, as samples are available. This way designer can control the quality of the fabric and even do tests how durable it is. Designer is also in control of the quantities sold. This is a problem with some previous platforms where production is in hands of an other company, as the designer has few possibilities to overlook the real quantities sold.
For the customers point of view good points is there is no production waste as the products are made after the order is done. This makes on demand more Eco-friendly compared to normal production. Printing methods are sustainable as the companies manufacturing printing equipment are now required to reduce the environmental impact of their new models.
Some print on demand companies have addressed the problem of social issues that concern the workers of the industry. Production is mainly located near where the product is ordered so there is no shipping from other side of the world, reducing environmental impact, and there is also more control of the working conditioned.
As there is a demand for sustainable fashion from the customer side, on demand printing is one solution for this need, for sure.
My collection of on demand products:
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